Bradley Athens

Executive Director

When asked, Bradley will tell you that he has spent almost all of his adult life searching for his purpose, looking outwardly around himself for the answers. It wasn't till he began the search inward that the true meaning of life began to take shape and he would embark on a newfound and lifelong journey. Upon having a mental shift and a psychic change in personality Bradley was overcome with a feeling deep inside that working with others suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction was on his horizon but this still left him unclear with his specific direction and the path he would take. Having personally worked with many alcoholics and addicts and sharing the tools that great men and mentors have passed on to him, Bradley has found true peace in the language of the heart that is one human being working with another.

Taylor Barbani

Program Director

Through many years of working in the addiction and recovery field Taylor has developed an approach that has landed him tremendous success. It is from his own personal experiences and life struggles that has helped him to form a deep understanding of each individual and in turn has assisted him in developing what is seen as a calm yet stern approach in working with others that is truly inspirational. Through the years Taylor's dedication to the empowerment and success of each client has become very evident and in turn he has gained a genuine love and desire to help others turn there lives around. Taylor's motivation to see others succeed is instrumental in the recovery process and his role here at West Palms Detox.

Clara Mahmoudi

HealthCare Director

Since establishing a career in the field of addiction medicine, It comes as no surprise that Clara’s passion towards the service of helping others recover both physically and mentally would eventually lead her into nursing and onto her current position as Health Care Director here at West Palms Detox. Extremely dedicated, professional, and committed to providing the best client care possible, Clara has insured our facility practices and implements the highest standards of medical care in the industry. Her attention to detail and adamancy in following a strict medical protocol are key factors in making West Palms Detox the premier medical care facility that it is.

John Ryan

Operations Director

With years of experience working in the treatment industry John has developed a deep understanding of the struggles one deals with in recovery. Having many attempts at getting sober in the past, John finally came to the realization that he could not have any success in life on his own will. This is why he believes that the most important thing a newly sober person can do is give up trying to manage their own life and start following direction. As a result of this John has an amazing life today and has a passion for sharing with others what has worked in his own life. John believes that living an active and healthy lifestyle is key to maintaining an enjoyable sober life and he is a living example of that.