When the main focus of the alcoholic or addict has been drinking and drug use a proper nutritional diet tends to fall to the wayside. Just putting general foods back into the body will not suffice when one has suffered from severe toxicity. Insufficient levels and extreme vitamin deficiency is very dangerous and deadly and has to be addressed immediately. To remedy this our full time certified professional chef carefully selects fresh food and ingredients for preparing top quality meals to restore vital health back to the body.


Prepping, cooking and plating amazing dishes daily! 



“Tastes great.”

"I was worried that you weren't going to have much good food for me to eat being a vegetarian, everything has been very good, thank you." 

— C.G.

I can't stay out of the kitchen!”

"It's been forever since I've eaten this much !"

— M.M.


“So good.”

"Just when I think it can't get any better, he makes something better."  . 

— I.S.

“I can't stop eating.”

"Everything he cooks is amazing, seriously it's really f***ing good!"

— J.M.